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Convert Var to Square Meter



1 Var = 0.836 sqm
1 Var = 1*0.836 sqm
So,   = 0.836 sqm


1 sqm = 1.1961722488038278 Var
sqm = *1.1961722488038278 Var
So,   = Var

How to convert Var to sqm

1 Var is equal to 0.836 in Square Meter

1 Var = 0.836 sqm
1 Square Meter (sqm) is equal to 1 Var (Var) multiply 0.836 times
1 sqm = 1 Var * 0.836


Convert 5 Var to Square Meter:

sqm = 5 Var * 0.836
    = sqm


The area is a quantity that can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object. It is a two-dimensional measurement. 

The area can be calculated for all shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, etc. 


Var Unit - Details and Description

Var is a unit of area. It is used in land measurement.

For smaller land measurements this Var unit is used.

This unit is specially used in Gujarat to a large extent. Land plot size is expressed in var unit.

1 var = 1 Sq Yard. You can see var is an equivalent unit to Sq Yar

Square Meter

Square Meter Unit - All you Need to Know

Square Meter (American spelling) or Square Metre (international spelling) is a unit of area.

It is an SI-derived unit. The symbol of Square Meter is m² or sqm or m^2.

1 m² = 10.763911 sqft i.e. 1 sqm is equal to 10.763911 Square Feet convert sqm to sqft<

Some popular Var to sqm conversion

Var Square Meter Description
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Some popular sqm to Var conversion

Square Meter Var Description
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Some common Var to Square Meter conversion

Var Square Meter Description
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