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Convert gaj to Square Feet

sq ft


1 gaj = 9.0 sq ft
1 gaj = 1*9.0 sq ft
So,   = 9.0 sq ft


1 sq ft = 0.1111111111111111 gaj
sq ft = *0.1111111111111111 gaj
So,   = gaj

Convert gaj To

How to convert gaj to sq ft

1 gaj is equal to 9.0 in Square Feet

1 gaj = 9.0 sq ft
1 Square Feet (sq ft) is equal to 1 gaj (gaj) multiply 9.0 times
1 sq ft = 1 gaj * 9.0


Convert 5 gaj to Square Feet:

sq ft = 5 gaj * 9.0
    = sq ft


The area is a quantity that can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object. It is a two-dimensional measurement. 

The area can be calculated for all shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, etc. 


What is GAJ Unit?

If Gaj (GAZ, gazz, guz) unit is used in the context of area, it actually means square gaj.

Gaj is a layman term for a square yard. It is commonly used in India.

One gaj is equivalent to 3 feet. 

One square gaz equals 9 square ft (3ft x 3ft).

Therefore we can say 100 gaj in square feet = 900. 

Square Feet

Square Feet Unit - Details and Description

A square foot (plural form is square feet) is a unit of area. It is an imperial and U.S. customary unit.

Definition: The area of a square with each side is 1 foot is defined as one Square Foot.

The symbol of square feet is ft², sqft, sq feet, sq ft, ft^2, or sft.

Some popular gaj to sq ft conversion

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Some popular sq ft to gaj conversion

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Some common gaj to Square Feet conversion

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