Tola Unit - Definition and Description

Tola (tolah, tole, tolā, तोला, تولا‎, তোলা) is a traditional South Asian (especially in India) unit of mass.

It is now standardized as 180 troy grains (equivalent to 11.663 8038 grams or 3/8 troy ounce exactly).

This unit of mass was commonly used during British rule in India. In 1956, metric units officially replaced Tola. However, it is presently used for gold mass measurement in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, etc.

1 tola = 11.6638038 gm i.e. 1 tola is equal to 11.6638038 grams.

1 tola = 56.842 ct i.e. 1 tola is equal to 56.842 carats. Reference: Times of India

1 tola = 16 ana i.e. 1 tola is equal to 16 Aana.

1 tola = 100 lal i.e. 1 tola is equal to 100 Lal.  Reference: Pahila Jewelry Calculator

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