What is Pound Per Square Feet - All You need to know.

PSF stands for pounds per square foot/feet. It is used as a unit of pressure. it is a British (Imperial) unit. 


PSF can be defined as the amount of pressure or stress of a pound of force per square foot of area. The symbol of psi is lb/f2 or lbf/f2.

PSF is commonly used in many pressure measuring applications like wind force calculation, building design, etc.

Following are the major conversion for the PSI unit. 

  • 1 PSF= 47.8803 Pascals (SI unit conversion)
  • 1 PSI= 0.000478803 Bar
  • 1 PSI= 0.000472541 atmospheres
  • 1 PSI= 0.359131 Torr

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