PSI stands for pounds per square inch. It is used as a unit of pressure.


PSI can be defined as the amount of pressure or stress of a pound of force per square inch of area. The symbol of psi is lb/in² or lbf/in².

PSI is commonly used in many pressure measuring applications like tire pressure, soil bearing capacity, wastewater management, fuel distribution & storage. 

Following are the major conversion for the PSI unit. 

  • 1 PSI= 6894.76 Pascals (SI unit conversion)
  • 1 PSI= 0.0689476 Bar
  • 1 PSI= 0.068046 atmospheres
  • 1 PSI= 51.7149 Torr
  • 1 PSI= 2.03602 inHg
  • 1 PSI= 27.7076 inches of the water column


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