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Result: Inch-Pound = Foot pound

i.e. in-lb = ft-lb

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What does Inch-Pound mean?

Inch-pounds (in-lb) is a unit of torque used to measure the rotational force of a wrench or a tool. This unit of measure is commonly used in engineering and mechanical industries where torque is an essential aspect of designing and manufacturing products.

Definition and Conversion

An inch-pound is defined as the amount of torque required to rotate an object by one inch while applying a force of one pound at a right angle to the object's radius. The formula for calculating torque is:

Torque = Force x Distance

Inch-pounds can be converted to other units of torque, such as foot-pounds (ft-lb) and newton-meters (N-m), using conversion factors. One inch-pound is equivalent to 0.083333 foot-pounds and 0.113 Newton-meters.


Inch-pounds are commonly used in applications that require precise and controlled amounts of torque. These applications include the assembly of machinery, vehicles, and electronic devices. For example, when tightening bolts on an engine or a transmission, the manufacturer's specifications will typically provide a torque value in inch-pounds. This ensures that the bolts are tightened to the correct specifications, preventing over-tightening or under-tightening.

Inch-pounds are also used in the design and testing of various mechanical components, such as gears, bearings, and shafts. The amount of torque required to rotate these components is critical to their performance and longevity.

Measurement Tools

Inch-pounds can be measured using torque wrenches, which are specialized tools designed to apply and measure torque. These wrenches typically have a dial or a digital display that shows the amount of torque being applied. Some wrenches also have audible or visual indicators that signal when the desired torque value has been reached.

Other common tools used to measure torque in inch-pounds include torque screwdrivers and torque testers. These tools are typically used in laboratory or manufacturing settings where precise torque values are required.


Inch-pounds are a critical unit of measure in mechanical and engineering industries where precise and controlled amounts of torque are required. The use of this unit of measure ensures that mechanical components are designed, manufactured, and assembled to the correct specifications, preventing failures and improving performance.

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What does Foot pound mean?

Foot pounds (ft-lbs) is a unit of torque or rotational force, which is commonly used in engineering and mechanics. The unit is a combination of two standard units of measurement, the foot (ft) for distance and the pound (lb) for force. One foot pound is the amount of torque required to rotate an object one foot in distance with a force of one pound. It is commonly used to specify the torque required to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, as well as to describe the power output of engines and motors.

The foot pounds unit is used extensively in the automotive and aviation industries, where the torque required for certain tasks is critical to ensure the safe and reliable operation of vehicles and aircraft. For example, when tightening the lug nuts on a car wheel, it is important to use a torque wrench to ensure that the nuts are tightened to the correct specification in foot pounds, to prevent the wheel from coming loose while driving.

In addition to its use in mechanics, foot pounds is also used in physics and other sciences to describe rotational energy and work. It is a derived unit of measurement that is calculated by multiplying the force in pounds by the distance in feet. It can also be converted into other units of torque, such as newton meters or kilogram force meters, using conversion factors.

Overall, the foot pounds unit is a valuable tool for measuring and describing rotational force and torque, and is widely used across various industries and applications.

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What does Work mean?


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How to convert Inch-Pound to Foot pound : Detailed Description

Inch-Pound (in-lb) and Foot pound (ft-lb) are both units of Work. On this page, we provide a handy tool for converting between in-lb and ft-lb. To perform the conversion from in-lb to ft-lb, follow these two simple steps:

Steps to solve

Have you ever needed to or wanted to convert Inch-Pound to Foot pound for anything? It's not hard at all:

Step 1

  • Find out how many Foot pound are in one Inch-Pound. The conversion factor is 0.083333333 ft-lb per in-lb.

Step 2

  • Let's illustrate with an example. If you want to convert 10 Inch-Pound to Foot pound, follow this formula: 10 in-lb x 0.083333333 ft-lb per in-lb = ft-lb. So, 10 in-lb is equal to ft-lb.
  • To convert any in-lb measurement to ft-lb, use this formula: in-lb = ft-lb x 0.083333333. The Work in Inch-Pound is equal to the Foot pound multiplied by 0.083333333. With these simple steps, you can easily and accurately convert Work measurements between in-lb and ft-lb using our tool at Pyron Converter.

FAQ regarding the conversion between in-lb and ft-lb

Question: How many Foot pound are there in 1 Inch-Pound ?

Answer: There are 0.083333333 Foot pound in 1 Inch-Pound. To convert from in-lb to ft-lb, multiply your figure by 0.083333333 (or divide by 12.000000048).

Question: How many Inch-Pound are there in 1 ft-lb ?

Answer: There are 12.000000048 Inch-Pound in 1 Foot pound. To convert from ft-lb to in-lb, multiply your figure by 12.000000048 (or divide by 0.083333333).

Question: What is 1 in-lb equal to in ft-lb ?

Answer: 1 in-lb (Inch-Pound) is equal to 0.083333333 in ft-lb (Foot pound).

Question: What is the difference between in-lb and ft-lb ?

Answer: 1 in-lb is equal to 0.083333333 in ft-lb. That means that ft-lb is more than a 12.000000048 times bigger unit of Work than in-lb. To calculate in-lb from ft-lb, you only need to divide the ft-lb Work value by 0.083333333.

Question: What does 5 in-lb mean ?

Answer: As one in-lb (Inch-Pound) equals 0.083333333 ft-lb, therefore, 5 in-lb means ft-lb of Work.

Question: How do you convert the in-lb to ft-lb ?

Answer: If we multiply the in-lb value by 0.083333333, we will get the ft-lb amount i.e; 1 in-lb = 0.083333333 ft-lb.

Question: How much ft-lb is the in-lb ?

Answer: 1 Inch-Pound equals 0.083333333 ft-lb i.e; 1 Inch-Pound = 0.083333333 ft-lb.

Question: Are in-lb and ft-lb the same ?

Answer: No. The ft-lb is a bigger unit. The ft-lb unit is 12.000000048 times bigger than the in-lb unit.

Question: How many in-lb is one ft-lb ?

Answer: One ft-lb equals 12.000000048 in-lb i.e. 1 ft-lb = 12.000000048 in-lb.

Question: How do you convert ft-lb to in-lb ?

Answer: If we multiply the ft-lb value by 12.000000048, we will get the in-lb amount i.e; 1 ft-lb = 12.000000048 Inch-Pound.

Question: What is the ft-lb value of one Inch-Pound ?

Answer: 1 Inch-Pound to ft-lb = 0.083333333.

Common Inch-Pound to Foot pound conversion

in-lb ft-lb Description
0.1 in-lb 0.008 ft-lb 0.1 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.008
0.2 in-lb 0.017 ft-lb 0.2 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.017
0.3 in-lb 0.025 ft-lb 0.3 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.025
0.4 in-lb 0.033 ft-lb 0.4 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.033
0.5 in-lb 0.042 ft-lb 0.5 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.042
0.6 in-lb 0.05 ft-lb 0.6 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.05
0.7 in-lb 0.058 ft-lb 0.7 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.058
0.8 in-lb 0.067 ft-lb 0.8 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.067
0.9 in-lb 0.075 ft-lb 0.9 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.075
1 in-lb 0.083 ft-lb 1 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.083
2 in-lb 0.167 ft-lb 2 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.167
3 in-lb 0.25 ft-lb 3 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.25
4 in-lb 0.333 ft-lb 4 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.333
5 in-lb 0.417 ft-lb 5 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.417
6 in-lb 0.5 ft-lb 6 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.5
7 in-lb 0.583 ft-lb 7 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.583
8 in-lb 0.667 ft-lb 8 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.667
9 in-lb 0.75 ft-lb 9 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.75
10 in-lb 0.833 ft-lb 10 in-lb to ft-lb = 0.833
20 in-lb 1.667 ft-lb 20 in-lb to ft-lb = 1.667
30 in-lb 2.5 ft-lb 30 in-lb to ft-lb = 2.5
40 in-lb 3.333 ft-lb 40 in-lb to ft-lb = 3.333
50 in-lb 4.167 ft-lb 50 in-lb to ft-lb = 4.167
60 in-lb 5.0 ft-lb 60 in-lb to ft-lb = 5.0
70 in-lb 5.833 ft-lb 70 in-lb to ft-lb = 5.833
80 in-lb 6.667 ft-lb 80 in-lb to ft-lb = 6.667
90 in-lb 7.5 ft-lb 90 in-lb to ft-lb = 7.5

Common Foot pound to Inch-Pound conversion

ft-lb in-lb Description
0.1 ft-lb 1.2 in-lb 0.1 ft-lb to in-lb = 1.2
0.2 ft-lb 2.4 in-lb 0.2 ft-lb to in-lb = 2.4
0.3 ft-lb 3.6 in-lb 0.3 ft-lb to in-lb = 3.6
0.4 ft-lb 4.8 in-lb 0.4 ft-lb to in-lb = 4.8
0.5 ft-lb 6.0 in-lb 0.5 ft-lb to in-lb = 6.0
0.6 ft-lb 7.2 in-lb 0.6 ft-lb to in-lb = 7.2
0.7 ft-lb 8.4 in-lb 0.7 ft-lb to in-lb = 8.4
0.8 ft-lb 9.6 in-lb 0.8 ft-lb to in-lb = 9.6
0.9 ft-lb 10.8 in-lb 0.9 ft-lb to in-lb = 10.8
1 ft-lb 12.0 in-lb 1 ft-lb to in-lb = 12.0
2 ft-lb 24.0 in-lb 2 ft-lb to in-lb = 24.0
3 ft-lb 36.0 in-lb 3 ft-lb to in-lb = 36.0
4 ft-lb 48.0 in-lb 4 ft-lb to in-lb = 48.0
5 ft-lb 60.0 in-lb 5 ft-lb to in-lb = 60.0
6 ft-lb 72.0 in-lb 6 ft-lb to in-lb = 72.0
7 ft-lb 84.0 in-lb 7 ft-lb to in-lb = 84.0
8 ft-lb 96.0 in-lb 8 ft-lb to in-lb = 96.0
9 ft-lb 108.0 in-lb 9 ft-lb to in-lb = 108.0
10 ft-lb 120.0 in-lb 10 ft-lb to in-lb = 120.0
20 ft-lb 240.0 in-lb 20 ft-lb to in-lb = 240.0
30 ft-lb 360.0 in-lb 30 ft-lb to in-lb = 360.0
40 ft-lb 480.0 in-lb 40 ft-lb to in-lb = 480.0
50 ft-lb 600.0 in-lb 50 ft-lb to in-lb = 600.0
60 ft-lb 720.0 in-lb 60 ft-lb to in-lb = 720.0
70 ft-lb 840.0 in-lb 70 ft-lb to in-lb = 840.0
80 ft-lb 960.0 in-lb 80 ft-lb to in-lb = 960.0
90 ft-lb 1080.0 in-lb 90 ft-lb to in-lb = 1080.0