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Result: Dhur = Square Feet

i.e. dhur = sq ft

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What does Dhur mean?

The Dhur is a unit of measurement of area traditionally used in Nepal and India. In Nepal, it is commonly used to measure the area of land, especially for small plots and buildings. One Dhur is equivalent to approximately 182.25 square feet or 16.93 square meters.

The Dhur is subdivided into smaller units, such as the Aana and Paisa. One Aana is equal to 4 Paisa, and one Paisa is equivalent to 4 Daam. Therefore, one Dhur is equal to 64 Paisa, 256 Aana, or 1024 Daam.

The use of Dhur is still prevalent in Nepal, particularly in rural areas, where land measurement is still done in traditional ways. However, with the increasing modernization of the country, the metric system is becoming more widely adopted.

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In this unit converter website, we have converter from Dhur (dhur) to some other Area unit.

What does Square Feet mean?

Square Feet Unit - Details and Description

A square foot (plural form is square feet) is a unit of area. It is an imperial and U.S. customary unit.

Definition: The area of a square with each side is 1 foot is defined as one Square Foot.

The symbol of square feet is ft², sqft, sq feet, sq ft, ft^2, or sft.

The square foot (sq ft) is a unit of the area commonly used in the United States and other countries that have adopted the imperial system of measurement. It is defined as the area of a square with sides that are 1 foot long, or approximately 0.093 square meters.

The square foot is widely used in real estate and construction industries to measure the size of buildings, rooms, and other structures. For example, a typical suburban house might have a living room that is approximately 300 square feet, while a large commercial building might have several floors each measuring in the thousands of square feet.

The square foot is also used in a variety of other contexts, such as gardening and landscaping, where it is used to estimate the amount of space needed for a garden or the amount of turf required for a lawn.

One advantage of the square-foot unit is its simplicity and ease of use. It is a familiar unit of measurement that is easily understood by most people and can be used to quickly estimate the size of a given space without the need for complex calculations.

However, one drawback of the square foot unit is that it is not as universally recognized as the metric system, which is used in most countries around the world. This can make it difficult to compare measurements across borders or to collaborate on projects with international partners.

In conclusion, the square foot is a widely used unit of area in the United States and other countries that have adopted the imperial system of measurement. It is a simple and practical unit that is particularly useful in real estate and construction industries. Still, its limited recognition outside of the United States and other imperial countries can pose challenges in some contexts.


1 ft² = 0.09290304 m² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 0.09290304 square meters

1 ft² = 144 in² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 144 square inches

1 sqft = 929.03 cm² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 929.03 square centimeters

1 sqft = 0.000022956341 ac i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 0.000022956341 acres

1 sft = 0.000009290304 ha i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 0.000009290304 hectare

1 sft = 0.111111106982 yd² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 0.111111106982 square yards

1 sq ft = 9.290304 dm² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 9.290304 square decimeters

1 sq ft = 0.0000000358701 mi² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 0.0000000358701 square miles

1 sq ft = 92903.04 mm² i.e. 1 Square foot is equal to 92903.04 square millimeters

Frequently Asked Question about Square Foot

What is Square Foot? Define Square Foot

Answer: The area of a square with each side is 1 foot is defined as one Square Foot.

How do I calculate sq ft?

Answer: If we multiply the unit foot length and unit foot width together, we will find the square foot area.

What size is a square foot?

Answer: A square foot is a measurement of area. One square foot is the equivalent of the area of a square that is one foot in length on each side. The perimeter of such a square (the total distance around it) would be four feet.

Is sft the same as ft²?

Answer: Both are the same. Square foot is written as ft² and sft both.

What is sq ft stand for?

Answer: Square foot is the full form of sqft.

How do you write square feet in short?

Answer:ft² and sqft are the short forms of square feet.

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What does Area mean?

The area is a quantity that can be defined as the space occupied by a flat shape or the surface of an object. It is a two-dimensional measurement. 

The area can be calculated for all shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, etc. 

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How to convert Dhur to Square Feet : Detailed Description

Dhur (dhur) and Square Feet (sq ft) are both units of Area. On this page, we provide a handy tool for converting between dhur and sq ft. To perform the conversion from dhur to sq ft, follow these two simple steps:

Steps to solve

Have you ever needed to or wanted to convert Dhur to Square Feet for anything? It's not hard at all:

Step 1

  • Find out how many Square Feet are in one Dhur. The conversion factor is 182.25 sq ft per dhur.

Step 2

  • Let's illustrate with an example. If you want to convert 10 Dhur to Square Feet, follow this formula: 10 dhur x 182.25 sq ft per dhur = sq ft. So, 10 dhur is equal to sq ft.
  • To convert any dhur measurement to sq ft, use this formula: dhur = sq ft x 182.25. The Area in Dhur is equal to the Square Feet multiplied by 182.25. With these simple steps, you can easily and accurately convert Area measurements between dhur and sq ft using our tool at Pyron Converter.

FAQ regarding the conversion between dhur and sq ft

Question: How many Square Feet are there in 1 Dhur ?

Answer: There are 182.25 Square Feet in 1 Dhur. To convert from dhur to sq ft, multiply your figure by 182.25 (or divide by 0.0054869684499314125).

Question: How many Dhur are there in 1 sq ft ?

Answer: There are 0.0054869684499314125 Dhur in 1 Square Feet. To convert from sq ft to dhur, multiply your figure by 0.0054869684499314125 (or divide by 182.25).

Question: What is 1 dhur equal to in sq ft ?

Answer: 1 dhur (Dhur) is equal to 182.25 in sq ft (Square Feet).

Question: What is the difference between dhur and sq ft ?

Answer: 1 dhur is equal to 182.25 in sq ft. That means that dhur is more than a 182.25 times bigger unit of Area than sq ft. To calculate dhur from sq ft, you only need to divide the sq ft Area value by 182.25.

Question: What does 5 dhur mean ?

Answer: As one dhur (Dhur) equals 182.25 sq ft, therefore, 5 dhur means sq ft of Area.

Question: How do you convert the dhur to sq ft ?

Answer: If we multiply the dhur value by 182.25, we will get the sq ft amount i.e; 1 dhur = 182.25 sq ft.

Question: How much sq ft is the dhur ?

Answer: 1 Dhur equals 182.25 sq ft i.e; 1 Dhur = 182.25 sq ft.

Question: Are dhur and sq ft the same ?

Answer: No. The dhur is a bigger unit. The dhur unit is 182.25 times bigger than the sq ft unit.

Question: How many dhur is one sq ft ?

Answer: One sq ft equals 0.0054869684499314125 dhur i.e. 1 sq ft = 0.0054869684499314125 dhur.

Question: How do you convert sq ft to dhur ?

Answer: If we multiply the sq ft value by 0.0054869684499314125, we will get the dhur amount i.e; 1 sq ft = 0.0054869684499314125 Dhur.

Question: What is the sq ft value of one Dhur ?

Answer: 1 Dhur to sq ft = 182.25.

Common Dhur to Square Feet conversion

dhur sq ft Description
0.1 dhur 18.225 sq ft 0.1 dhur to sq ft = 18.225
0.2 dhur 36.45 sq ft 0.2 dhur to sq ft = 36.45
0.3 dhur 54.675 sq ft 0.3 dhur to sq ft = 54.675
0.4 dhur 72.9 sq ft 0.4 dhur to sq ft = 72.9
0.5 dhur 91.125 sq ft 0.5 dhur to sq ft = 91.125
0.6 dhur 109.35 sq ft 0.6 dhur to sq ft = 109.35
0.7 dhur 127.575 sq ft 0.7 dhur to sq ft = 127.575
0.8 dhur 145.8 sq ft 0.8 dhur to sq ft = 145.8
0.9 dhur 164.025 sq ft 0.9 dhur to sq ft = 164.025
1 dhur 182.25 sq ft 1 dhur to sq ft = 182.25
2 dhur 364.5 sq ft 2 dhur to sq ft = 364.5
3 dhur 546.75 sq ft 3 dhur to sq ft = 546.75
4 dhur 729.0 sq ft 4 dhur to sq ft = 729.0
5 dhur 911.25 sq ft 5 dhur to sq ft = 911.25
6 dhur 1093.5 sq ft 6 dhur to sq ft = 1093.5
7 dhur 1275.75 sq ft 7 dhur to sq ft = 1275.75
8 dhur 1458.0 sq ft 8 dhur to sq ft = 1458.0
9 dhur 1640.25 sq ft 9 dhur to sq ft = 1640.25
10 dhur 1822.5 sq ft 10 dhur to sq ft = 1822.5
20 dhur 3645.0 sq ft 20 dhur to sq ft = 3645.0
30 dhur 5467.5 sq ft 30 dhur to sq ft = 5467.5
40 dhur 7290.0 sq ft 40 dhur to sq ft = 7290.0
50 dhur 9112.5 sq ft 50 dhur to sq ft = 9112.5
60 dhur 10935.0 sq ft 60 dhur to sq ft = 10935.0
70 dhur 12757.5 sq ft 70 dhur to sq ft = 12757.5
80 dhur 14580.0 sq ft 80 dhur to sq ft = 14580.0
90 dhur 16402.5 sq ft 90 dhur to sq ft = 16402.5

Common Square Feet to Dhur conversion

sq ft dhur Description
0.1 sq ft 0.001 dhur 0.1 sq ft to dhur = 0.001
0.2 sq ft 0.001 dhur 0.2 sq ft to dhur = 0.001
0.3 sq ft 0.002 dhur 0.3 sq ft to dhur = 0.002
0.4 sq ft 0.002 dhur 0.4 sq ft to dhur = 0.002
0.5 sq ft 0.003 dhur 0.5 sq ft to dhur = 0.003
0.6 sq ft 0.003 dhur 0.6 sq ft to dhur = 0.003
0.7 sq ft 0.004 dhur 0.7 sq ft to dhur = 0.004
0.8 sq ft 0.004 dhur 0.8 sq ft to dhur = 0.004
0.9 sq ft 0.005 dhur 0.9 sq ft to dhur = 0.005
1 sq ft 0.005 dhur 1 sq ft to dhur = 0.005
2 sq ft 0.011 dhur 2 sq ft to dhur = 0.011
3 sq ft 0.016 dhur 3 sq ft to dhur = 0.016
4 sq ft 0.022 dhur 4 sq ft to dhur = 0.022
5 sq ft 0.027 dhur 5 sq ft to dhur = 0.027
6 sq ft 0.033 dhur 6 sq ft to dhur = 0.033
7 sq ft 0.038 dhur 7 sq ft to dhur = 0.038
8 sq ft 0.044 dhur 8 sq ft to dhur = 0.044
9 sq ft 0.049 dhur 9 sq ft to dhur = 0.049
10 sq ft 0.055 dhur 10 sq ft to dhur = 0.055
20 sq ft 0.11 dhur 20 sq ft to dhur = 0.11
30 sq ft 0.165 dhur 30 sq ft to dhur = 0.165
40 sq ft 0.219 dhur 40 sq ft to dhur = 0.219
50 sq ft 0.274 dhur 50 sq ft to dhur = 0.274
60 sq ft 0.329 dhur 60 sq ft to dhur = 0.329
70 sq ft 0.384 dhur 70 sq ft to dhur = 0.384
80 sq ft 0.439 dhur 80 sq ft to dhur = 0.439
90 sq ft 0.494 dhur 90 sq ft to dhur = 0.494